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"Der Pommeraner" Loitz GmbH

About the Company

We specialize in boiled sausage, cooked sausage, prosciutto and glass preserves. In doing so, we make use of old Pomeranian recipes and production processes and implement them in industrial production with craftsmanship and experience. Main part of the production are the sausage assortment and the operator commodity, available as SB and counter product. The production facility, newly built in 1996, was expanded in the years 2004 - 2009 and extensively modernized.

By operating currently 18 branches and sales vehicles, we are always very close to the customer and react as a flexible medium-sized company very quickly to market changes and trends.

Annual certifications according to QS and IFS at the highest level, voluntary external quality controls by SGS Fresenius, annually awarded DLG awards and extensive internal auditing are the cornerstones of our quality philosophy.

The company was integrated into the Braun Beteiligungs GmbH in 2017.  

Year of Formation:2000
Headcount:104 Employees*
Annual Turnover:10,800,000 €*

*Data from 2018

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"Der Pommeraner" Loitz GmbH
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"Der Pommeraner"Loitz GmbH
Hiddenhausener Straße 6
17121 Loitz

René Hassenstein, Sandy Reggentin, Andreas Träbert

fon +49 39998 318-14
fax +49 39998 318-21

Internet: www.der-pommeraner.de
E-Mail: tec(at)der-pommeraner.de