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Menüko GmbH

About the Company

In September 1996, the enterprise was re-established as the successor of VEB Heringsdorf, carrying its tradition forward. Two years after formation, its staff moved into new production- and administration quarters in the city of Usedom.  

Here, 35 employees work in a two-shift-system, supplying their customers in Germany, Denmark and Austria with deep-frozen roulades. In this part of the world, the cabbage roll ranks among the ten most popular lunches.

In the 1960s, it even ranked second place of the dish charts in West Germany. The smallest roll weighs 80 grams, and the biggest provides a weight of 350 grams.

On average, our roulades from Usedom are 10 cm in length and have a 5 cm diameter. Our turnover at Menüko does not worry our staff and depending on demand, production output can be increased, if necessary. Our plant is able to produce up to 60,000 roulades per day.

Year of Formation:1996
Headcount:32 Employees*
Annual Turnover: 1,850,000 €

*Data from 2018

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Menüko Insel Usedom GmbH
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Menüko Insel Usedom GmbH

Gewerbegebiet 1
17406 Usedom

CEO: Eckhard Lüneburg

fon +49 38372 76-10
fax +49 38372 76-129


E-Mail: info(at)